Matt Lowe, on location in Brum

April has been an incredibly busy month for me. In addition to my day-to-day work at a library, a production company and a theatre (yes, I currently have three jobs and rarely know if I’m coming or going!) I’ve also been involved with a storyline for Season 5 of PERSONA, the world’s first ongoing soap opera for smartphones.

PERSONA is free to download on both iTunes and the Android market, with a three-minute ‘appisode’ coming direct to your smartphone every day. As well as being an innovative concept that provides a great nugget of free daily entertainment, PERSONA offers aspiring writers and directors a chance to try their hand at creating some of the storylines in each season. My friend Matt applied to do this and a few short weeks later, Adam and Sarah’s Story was born.

Matt and I met at University several years ago and both studied the same Film and TV Masters course after completing our undergraduate degrees in History. When he asked me if I wanted to be involved in PERSONA, I immediately said yes. My main role has been to promote Adam and Sarah’s Story through social media and I was also a Production Assistant on the first day of the shoot last weekend. It’s been a brilliant experience, not only to work with Matt and other friends from the MA again, but also to work with a lovely cast and to delve briefly into the world of drama. Post-production is now underway and I can’t wait to see the ten completed scenes.

The purpose of today’s post is, I’ll admit, to ask you nicely to check out the Adam and Sarah’s Story blog I set up to chart our progress with the project. There’s information about the cast and crew, plenty of photos and even some hints of what’s in store for Adam and Sarah when their story hits smartphone screens later this year. If you’re looking for something new to fill a few minutes of your day, at no cost, PERSONA could be the answer.