Just to give a flavour of the sorts of things I like to watch  – or at least, that I feel compelled to write about – here’s a list of programmes mentioned in my blogs and links to their websites so you can find out more if you’re interested…


Supersize vs Superskinny                                          

Filthy Cities

Eurovision Song Contest                          

Paul Merton’s Birth of Hollywood                           


Horrible Histories                                      

The Clangers                                                                    

Noggin the Nog

Downton Abbey                                            

Fresh Meat                                                                       

Billy Connolly’s Route 66

Joanna Lumley’s Greek Odyssey          

Strictly Come Dancing                                                 

Who Do You Think You Are?

Come Dine With Me

Desperate Housewives

Call the Midwife

Four Rooms

Don’t Tell The Bride

Battle of the Brides