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History in an Hour

My first eBook, The Holocaust: History in an Hour, was released on 7 November 2013. It Holocaust coveris also available as downloadable audio.

History in an Hour blog posts:

Amelia Earhart: The Lost Aviatrix

The Cottingley Fairies: Five Photos That Fooled The World

Howard Carter and the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Anne Frank’s Diary Released as an App

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Nuremberg Laws – A Brief Summary

Rudolf Höss – A Summary

Rutka Laskier – A Summary

Victoria and Albert’s Children

Dr Josef Mengele – The Angel of Death

PAB News

Recruitment at GCHQ – Only 6 Days Left to Crack the Code

Sexist ‘Fit Fresher’ List Leaked at Oxford University – Is Alcohol to Blame?

Jewish Student Assaulted in Nazi Drinking Game – Is Anti-Semitism on the Rise at LSE?

Star of BBC’s Coast Joins University of Birmingham

Battle of the Broomsticks: Keele University Soars to Victory in UK’s First Official Quidditch Matches

Catholic Education Service Under Investigation Following Gay Marriage Petition

University Cheerleader Dies After Falling From Rooftop

London Universities Most Dangerous Says Crime League Table

Jamaican Athletes Choose University of Birmingham for Olympic Training Camp

Nick Clegg Apologises For Tuition Fee Promises

Rumours of iPad Mini coincide with UK Release of Kindle Fire HD 

Release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD in UK

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Hits the UK – The Best E-Reader Yet?

Google Nexus 7 Wins ‘Tablet of the Year’ in UK Stuff Magazine

Cheap Deals on UK Kindle Fire During Amazon’s Black Friday Week

Amazon’s Black Friday Deal on Kindle Fire Revealed

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD FreeTime Promises Safe Content For Kids

Fall in University Applications Heralds Increased Concern Over Tuition Fees

Not Enough Schools Teach Mandarin Chinese, Reports British Council

Will Arming Teachers Prevent Future Massacres in US Schools?

Release of Amazon UK Kindle Fire HDX – Is it the Best Tablet Yet?

Will Amazon offer a Black Friday Deal on the Kindle Fire HDX?

Kindle Fire HDX Orders Soar With Cyber Monday Discount


PERSONA is the world’s first ongoing soap opera for smartphones. My friends and I produced one of the storylines for Season 5 and as head of social media, I created this WordPress blog to chart our journey in April/May 2012.

Tinker Taylor TV

Jemma’s TT Blog 

Website Development: Police Dependants’ Trust

Policing the London 2012 Olympics

Creative Director Sam Taylor Interviewed by Solihull News

Christmas Meal at the Warehouse Cafe

Squabblebox: Entertainment Under Attack

Best TV Moments of 2011 

The Editorial: Is Listening To Literature Better Than Reading It?

Review: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

The following were all written during a copywriting internship that I undertook from November 2011 to February 2012 at The Blue Cube, an online marketing company. I’ve categorised these by topic.


Create a Door with Decorative Hardware

Three Failsafe Gifts For Girls

Shopping for Short-Term Accommodation

Getting Secret Santa Right

How to Store Your Earrings

Choose Olive Oil for a Healthy Heart

Business/Current Affairs

Struggling to Survive in an Internship Culture

Customer Service Matters

How YouTube Could Help Your Business Grow in 2012


Unravelling Greek Myths

A Day in Amsterdam: What Not To Miss

Discovering Oklahoma

Sightseeing in Paris

The Best of Birmingham

The Best Food in Brittany

Malvern: Gem of the Midlands

On the Outlaw Trail: Find Robin Hood in Nottingham

Gardening and Outdoors

Grow Your Own Herbs 

Seed Collecting With Kids

Compare the Meerkat with the Garden Gnome

Get More From Your Garden With A Hammock

Green Energy/Recycling

Five Ways to Save Water 

Keep Warm This Winter

Sourcing Fertiliser from Mining and Minerals

Recycling Resolutions

Remembering to Recycle

Big Chill on Hold: Global Warming Delays Ice Age

Will Capsized Cruise Ship Cause An Environmental Disaster?


How To Get Back The Deposit You Deserve On A Student House

How to Personalise Your Student Room